I offer two classes for law enforcement officers. Both are based on considerable research and experience. Both are 3-4 hours long and have been accredited for 3 POST credits each in Minnesota. Both have been very well-received in the past. They are fact-filled, fast-paced, and eclectic. They are aimed at line-level officers and street supervisors, and new investigators

Published on-line here are the texts of the handouts that go with the training. - DISCLAIMER- these were written for police officers, and assume that the reader has experience and training in evidence and procedural matters as a basis within which to interpret the material. Non-professionals may occasionally find these manuals misleading or confusing.... please use them in that context. Feel free to read and/or print them for your own use. Disseminate them to your law-enforcement coworkers, please. However, I would definitely consider any attempt to sell them or any part of them, as a copyright infringement. See also my copyright page for conditions regarding linking to these works or re-publishing them.

Death Investigation Manual for Field Officers

Suicide Investigation Manual for Field Officers and Investigators