The crime prevention tips and advise listed on my Crime Prevention pages, and the Suicide and Death Investigation Manuals published on the Training pages are the product of considerable work on my part, and I believe them to be of value. Any and every person is welcome to read them, with the understanding that, though I believe it to be good advise, I cannot guarantee that any particular bit of advice will work for them in a particular situation, and that following this advice will not necessarily prevent them from being a victim of a crime, or suffering harm or injury, or looking like a damn fool in a murder investigation.

If a police web site wishes to link to any of my pages from their site, they are welcome to do so without limitation, but on condition that they do so in a responsible manner for the public good. A thank you note would be nice.

If a police website wishes to use the text or HTML of any or all my pages for use in making their own similar pages explicitly incorporating any of my writing or work, they may do so under the following conditions:

  1. That they do not substantially alter the tips or advice given, other than to completely eliminate those parts they choose to, but only insofar as the elimination does not substantially alter the meaning of those parts which remain incorporated. And;
  2. That on every page into which any of my tips are incorporated, my site will be acknowledged as the source. And;
  3. That a link will be provided to my home page ("") in or adjacent to each acknowledgement required by item 2. And;
  4. That they advise me of the use of my work.

Mike Moyle