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1983 Morgan Nelson-Marek 36

as is, where is, with newer sails in good condition


RIDE is a 1983 IOR-style racing boat. Although it is technically a racer-cruiser, this is the "R" version of the Nelson/Marek 36, with the deep keel and limited cruising amenities. RIDE is a handsome boat, with a very strong and solid hull, clean lines, and the ability to out-point almost anything.

New upwind sails (2009 and 2010).  Radio, GPS, and racing instrument package.

She responds well to an attentive crew who is willing to do what is necessary to let the boat perform.  This was my training boat for new crew, and we have moved on to a 40 footer now.  But in our last 4 starts with RIDE, we had 2 second overalls (out of 30) and a third. PHRF is 93, and she will out-perform that with skillful sailing.

Full specs and pictures here.